Custom Intercooler Tubing

Need a gradual bend?              Need a sharp bend?                         Need an offset?

     You can get these and many more variations at any truck supply store, or at chains like NAPA. I buy 2.25" ID truck radiator hose, and 2.25" OD metal tubing. The pieces that you can select from have 45 degree bends, 90's as shown, and many more odd angles and turns. The pre-bent pieces average $13-$17 each where I buy them, and some include THREE  angles in them. You just cut out the individual bends as I do, and you can clamp together any  configuration that your heart desires.
     The metal bends are mandrel, and are available from   JCWhitney  The one shown above is $7.00

    The following is an example of just a few configurations that I stuck together to illustrate the point that  any  size and shape hose can be made!

The whole shebang gets clamped together with high quality worm gear hose clamps. The above illustrations were all done on a $35 budget. Most of you will never need such a long and twisty tube for your cooler. You can get away cheaper.