PALS  of mine. What's life without buddies?
Updated Aug 16, 2002
My pal Seth Prentiss went to the 2002 SDAC meet and ran high 13's in the heat with his new un-dialed set up. On the way home from the meet, he stopped by Cecil County Dragstrip and laid down a sweet 13.1!!

My pal Luis Barriga used to have his beautiful "Green Hornet" on this page, but now has a sweet turbocharged Cirrus (they have models in Mexico that the US enthusiasts can't get).


The North East Shelby Dodge Club's vice-president, Victor, wondered aloud: "Do the GM clubs have as many whine-asses as the SDAC does?"
So we decided to make it clear...

Meeting at A&W root beer in Rhode Island, April 13, 2002

My pal Mike Marra turbocharged an Omni and called it: "The Contraption". Minor (and sometimes not-so-minor) problems plagued Mike, but he persevered and slowly worked his way into the 12's with it. At this last Cecil County meet Mike worked up the nerve to crank up the boost higher than before, and he was finally in HEAVEN when his timeslips started showing deep 11's (!!) with a best of 11.6.

Hurrah for MIKE!!  His 11's are well deserved.

On Oct 13, we had our local Import Day. Two  new friends were made. "Eric and Eric" drove 6 hours from Canada. The cold drizzle didn't scare them away, and they showed up in the nasty weather like real troopers. Here are Eric and Eric in front of Butch Nordstrom's beautiful Daytona...

James Dempsey has run 14.60 with NO intercooler on yet. The 13's are an easy target for James once he gets the intercooler plumbed and working.

Lebanon Valley Dragway, Sept , 2001

 My pal Bill Baker has an awesome strong car.

...And his car is a beauty, to boot!

It thinks nothing of ripping off 12's on street tires!

My pal Butch has  run 13.6 in the 1/4 mile.
After beginning to think that the 12's were just a wild dream, now Butch can REALLY see those 12's actually coming!  : )

Lebanon Valley Dragway, Sept , 2001

He also racked up several trophies in car shows. It's good to be pretty...

 My pal Gary Donovan has some mean cars, but this is his TOW VEHICLE.  : )

Lebanon Valley Dragway, Sept , 2001

 Gary ripped off a 10.4 second run at Cecil County in his Reliant Race Car!
 Watch Gary's killer K Car, RELENTLESS, run a 10 second 1/4 mile:  CLICK HERE

My pal Rick is having fun in his Lancer. The intercooler/radiator is already in place and functioning well.  Good times are coming for Rick, who has never drag raced before!

Chris, a "local" at Lebanon Valley raceway has knocked a full second off his LeBaron since I met him there. He has some cool mods, like functional ram air.

He set a new personal record, in spite of not getting a great short time with his slicks.  Nothing wrong with low 13's at over 108 mph! ...Wait until he hooks up properly!


My pal Bill Countie is in the process of getting the bugs out of his Daytona.  He's taken his 17 second ride into the low 15's, so far, with more to come.  Simply learning how to launch will get this 95 mph car into the 14's with ease.

My buddy  Dan Hemingway  is gunning for his brother Wayne's record of 13.0!  Dan is now running 13's.

Lebanon Valley Dragway, Sept , 2001