Some Memorable blurbs in magazines =

 TURBO magazine,  May 1991  (about the 1990 season)
Page 32:"Starting what might be the new minivan class at the local strip, Thomas Mahon's turbo Caravan has drawn respect from many competitors..."
Page 34:  "Back on the track the Caravan dusted off a 440 Charger..."

 TURBO Magazine, May 1992  (about the1991 season)
Page 22:  Thomas Mahon's Caravan has ruined the day for many owners of faster appearing vehicles."
Page 25:  "...Mahon found himself chasing a red Corvette down the dragway. The Vette had gained 4/10 off the line with a redlighting holeshot.  Even though the van thought it had already won the race [it had], Mean Mini was determined to reach the finish line first. So the boost was  cranked up to 20 pounds [from the driver's seat]. The engine let out the mightiest roar that you ever heard from 4 stock cylinders. Mean Mini  sucked up the Vette and crossed the finish line 16/1000'sof a second sooner..."
Page 26: "When car trouble has you down, just be glad you're not...the stock GN owner who was upset for 3 weeks..."

 HIGH PERFORMANCE MOPAR magazine, May 1992 (about the 1990 season)
Page 22: "There he is again. That punk with the 5 liter Mustang... Tonight, instead of getting the girl, he's going to get his butt handed to him. And just to add insult to injury, the vehicle handing out the behind-bruising is a van!"
"...when the light turns green, the van gets mean..."
Page 23: "At this point, a lot of faster cars in Mahon's area were falling like rain to Frankenvan."
 "...a myriad of other add on devices transform the stock interior to mission control."
 "Imagine how the modified Mustang racers feel when Mahon and his monster put them on  the trailer, then loadup the kids, the dog and the barbecue and head for home. Thirteens in a Caravan! What's next, 12's in a dump truck?"

 HIGH PERFORMANCE MOPAR, May 1997  (about the 1995 season)
Page 39: "That run [first 12 second run] was extremely rewarding for me, but not for the driver of the beautiful '63 Sting Ray, who lost by over 30  lengths!"
"So what's the key to performance? Big boost!"

 DRAG RACING MONTHLY magazine, July, 1997 (about the 1995-1996 seasons)
Page 65: "...the transformation from 17second grocery getter to supercar demoralizer was accomplished through a bit of bolt on magic with equal  measures of backyard voodoo..."
Speaking to Mustang 5.0 owners: "Just hope you never come across Gus Mahon and his refrigerator white four -door 89 Plymouth Acclaim. Why would you want to stay away from this dude and his basically unmodified slugmobile ? Cause making guys like you look silly is Mr Mahon's favorite thing in the whole world!"

 SPORT COMPACT CAR magazine, April, 1998(about the 1997 Atco race)
Page 164: "There were some funny moments, too: Like a Yugo in drag trim, and a Plymouth Acclaim that runs in the mid 12's (spanking some very quick Hondas)."

Page 53: "We know of one or two hardcore enthusiasts out there who have run well into the 13's, in a minivan, no less!"  [Mini was the only one at the time]

 SPORT COMPACT CAR magazine, July 2000
Page 34: "By the time you're finished with "Hi, I'm Gus" [my car's website], you're certain to be smiling and whispering to yourself, "My, I'm happy." "